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Naturopath, Nutrition, Herbal Medicine and Homeopathy
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Welcome to
Anapausis Health Clinic

Anapausis refers to that place of deep rest so one can renew vitality, restore strength and health to become the vibrant being full of life and vitality you desire to be.


Hi I'm Shar and I'm the founder of Anapausis Health Clinic

I am passionate about helping others connect with their lives and achieve optimal health
goals, using wholistic integrative methods, for a healthy vibrant lifestyle full of vitality.

My passion for all things health wise and natural began as a child growing up on the west
coast of Australia in a small fishing village by the beach. The great outdoors was my
playground and I soon became a devoted lover of wide-open spaces, fresh air, the earth and
the sea. This opened my eyes to the beauty of nature and the wellness I felt living in and
being a part of it. Adulthood brought the blessings of Motherhood, of which I have 6
amazing children and I continued the practices I learnt as a child, as a foundation for a
healthy lifestyle.

As is the way with life radical changes and becoming the fulltime Carer for my recently
disabled son meant that there were other things in store for me. I turned to educating
myself professionally in Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) to support the
Allopathic Medicine my son was receiving.

I had spent a life time of interest in traditional and ancestral knowledge and using CAM
therapies for myself and my family involving food as medicine, physical movement and
interfacing with nature. I decided it was time to cement the practices I had been living into
qualifications and be of service to others.

Which I have done through Nature Care College and other professional courses.
I am a qualified Naturopath, Western Herbal Therapist, Nutritionist, Homeopath, Bach
Flower Practitioner, Iridologist, Reiki Master (Usai Reiki) and Meditation Practitioner.
I believe in drawing on both traditional knowledge and the most scientific research on safe
effective evidence-based treatment, taking a wholistic approach to achieve your optimal
health as everyone is uniquely individual and there is never one size fits all when it comes to
health and vitality.

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The land upon which I live, create, play and work has been traditional Wiradjuri country for thousands of years and as traditional custodians were violently removed from this land by colonisation.

 I would like to respectfully acknowledge the Wiradjuri People,  past, present and emerging Elders who continue to care for this Land and who hold the memories, traditions, ceremonies and living culture of Aboriginal Australia.

Acknowledging that this was and always will be First Nations Land.




Information on this website is meant for educational and informational purposes only, It is not meant to diagnose medical conditions, to treat any medical conditions or to prescribe medicine.

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